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    International activity

    International activity of the Vladimir State University is one of the priority areas and aims at providing greater integration and cooperation with international university community, strengthening the position and status of the University at international level.

    At present the Vladimir State University cooperates with 131 foreign partners: higher schools, international centers and organizations.

    Faculty members go to deliver lectures at the leading universities of Europe, Asia, America and Africa. In return highly qualified foreign faculty members come to International conduct classes and carry out master-classes.

    Since 1978 the University has been training foreign students. At present about 600 students from 52 countries of the world study at the Vladimir State University.

    Students of the University take an active part in international scientific and educational programs, projects and competitions.

    The activity is coordinated by the International Affairs Board. 

    • International activity
    • International studies
    • International programs and courses 

    International Affairs Board  

    The International Affairs Board includes:



    Head of the International Affairs Board Lyubov Naumova

    Gorky Street 87 office 201

    Tel: (4922)477734

    e-mail: lnaumova@vlsu.ru



    Head of the International Cooperation Department – Nadezhda Troshina

    Gorky Street 87 office 201

    Tel: (4922)331327


    e-mail: troshina@vlsu.ru; nntroshina@mail.ru



    Director of the Center of International Education – Ekaterina Vakhromeeva

    Belokonskiy street 2/7, office 509

    Tel: (4922)477683

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